Welcome to Norpaq Aviation

Norpaq owns and operates Nordplus Aviation since 1998, mainly based out of Schefferville, QC. For more than 15 years, we have been providing transportation and logistics services to our clientele through: fishing and hunting industry, mining exploration, prospection, restoration projects and governmental programs.

Our aircrafts give you access to any part of northern Quebec/Nunavik and our camp network, a place to settle for the duration of your projects. We operate and have access to DHC-3 turbine Otters and DHC-2 Beavers on floats and wheel-skis.

Operation periods

  • Summer operating period (floats configuration): June to October *
  • Winter operating period (wheel-skis configuration): February to May *

* Operation periods may vary depending on spring and fall conditions, as well as project objectives.

In 2012, our DHC-3 fleet underwent a complete airframe overhaul and turbine conversion, including new exterior paint and interior. These upgrades significantly increased our productivity and safety ratings, and ensure your needs will be satisfied in a safe and efficient manner.

Let us take care of all your logistical problems.